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Virtual Reality

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Posted on January 9, 2015

How Oculus Rift Is About to Reshape Marketing Creativity

Our team is constantly looking to be innovators in the film and tv industry. Passage Productions latest advancements have been in the up-and-coming world of virtual reality which include working with such revolutionary products as Oculus Rift and Google cardboard.

Time travel, flying cars, artificial intelligence and VR are all sci-fi staples—and we are in the lucky position of bringing one of those things to life. That said, the virtual-reality market is anything but a one-horse race. Google is gearing up to ship 500,000 units of its $5-or-less Cardboard VR headset, while the forthcoming $200 Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus software, has been met with great expectations. Meantime, Oculus Rift and Facebook are being extremely tight-lipped about details around their own consumer headset, though it’s been reported it will hit the market sometime this year and will be priced anywhere from $200 to $400. Whether consumers will be willing to pay such a rich sum for the device could bar it from achieving scale in the near future. And scale, of course, is what most advertisers need to take it seriously. That may not be an issue for long: MarketsandMarkets projects that VR hardware will generate $66 million in revenue in 2015—a small total to be sure, but still a 164 percent increase from 2013. Naturally, gadget-native millennials will drive much of the market. According to a Deep Focus survey of 1,203 young adults, 51 percent had heard about Oculus and similar devices, with 41 percent signaling they were interested in trying one out.

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