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About Us


For some, that first spark is born within an office.  For others like Amazon, Apple, Disney and Google, their businesses were ignited at home.  As for Passage Productions, it sparked within a 2 bedroom apartment in San Diego, CA.  It was during their work on a feature film together when Michael Romero and Gulliver Parascandolo recognized the synergy between them.  Further fusing their cinematic sensibilities and unique storytelling approaches together, Passage Productions was born in 2003.


The mission was to create a video production company that stood out, a partnership to encapsulate collaboration, strategy, innovation and vision.  An outlet for creative ideas that cut through the disruption of daily life.  The momentum grew and it quickly became clear that bringing their client’s vision to life beyond expectations was the driving force for the company.  Passage Productions now collaborates with brands from all over the world and the passion that ignited it all is fiercely alive today, fueled by an innovative team and that same spark of synergy that started it all.

over 260,740 post production hours

produced over 412 television commercials

over 260 Terrabytes of footage


Being honest and having integrity is at the heart of everything we do at Passage Productions. Many of our clients have been with us for over ten years, because they know we're committed to the success of their business and forming a working relationship built on trust and respect. We feel it is important for our business to represent what we feel is important in life.


Our work is our passion and with true passion comes dedication. Our passion for the newest media trends and technology means that Passage Productions will always come to the table with ideas that will give you the edge you need and a team that can accomplish anything.


Our unique culture of imagination, creativity and collaboration is at the core of everything we do at Passage Productions. We are made up of realists and dreamers and our team has collaborated together for over a decade, truly making us more than the sum of our parts. Whether it’s in our studio or in the field, we all come together with one common goal: “To create something amazing”.


Senior Producer


Her foresight and ability to communicate are two talents that just come naturally to Christine. Over the past decade she has refined her project management and producing skills to an art. As our senior producer, she has successfully lead many successful projects and produced videos for some major brands such as HP, Sony, Pepsi, Jack-in-the-Box, and FOX sports.

Director / Producer


Gulliver received his first film festival accolades when he was 13 years old. Since then, he has taken his obsession for film making into every aspect of his life. His excitement and passion is contagious, and his love for new media experiences drives him to push his collaborators in new and exciting directions.

Creative / Producer


Bringing forth a dynamic combination of creativity and production expertise, Michael is a strong force in the industry. His extensive background in film production, combined with his true entrepreneurial spirit, helped him to launch Passage Productions with Gulliver Parascandolo in 2003. And through today, it’s these multiple facets that come together to create powerful strategies and innovative methods of storytelling.