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Our Mission

Passage Productions is a San Diego based production company specializing in video and film production, post production, motion graphics, and immersive experienced based media. We are artist’s and storytellers and inside each of us is a passion to create and inspire. Your story is our next inspiration and it is our goal to form collaborative partnerships and push the boundaries of branding, creativity, and innovation.


Being honest and having integrity is at the heart of everything we do at Passage Productions. Many of our clients have been with us for over ten years, because they know we're committed to the success of their business and forming a working relationship built on trust and respect. We feel it is important for our business to represent what we feel is important in life.


Our work is our passion and with true passion comes dedication. Our passion for the newest media trends and technology means that Passage Productions will always come to the table with ideas that will give you the edge you need and a team that can accomplish anything.


Our unique culture of imagination, creativity and collaboration is at the core of everything we do at Passage Productions. We are made up of realists and dreamers and our team has collaborated together for over a decade, truly making us more than the sum of our parts. Whether it’s in our studio or in the field, we all come together with one common goal: “To create something amazing”.


Production Experts

Our team is experienced in every part of the production process and can enter a project at any level or stage. We can also help you reduce your production footprint by having a complete in-house team offsite who excels in all phases of the production process. We are also experienced in working as a white label team for your agency or firm and can bring our talents to the table with your creative’s, strengthening your offerings and adding our experiences to your toolbox.


360 Virtual Reality Production

We are a full-service 360 video and interactive VR experience studio looking to partner with Producers, Brands, Agencies, and Businesses who are excited to offer immersive 360 experiences to their audience. Virtual Reality and 360 media is infiltrating the world at an unprecedented rate. Current trends suggest that the adoption of VR content will happen twice as fast as the adoption of HD televisions after their conception. With YouTube360 integrated into every smart phone in the world, and with Facebook to follow soon, major film studios, marketing firms, and filmmakers around the world are embracing this emerging medium to create new and exciting experiences.

Immersive Experience

Our technology allows users to become immersed in Virtual Reality, adding to the experience of a live event, theme park, museum, tour or interactive exhibit. We help our clients create unique experiences by providing them with creative ideas and pushing the boundaries of the technology.

Product Promotion

We develop and produce content that utilizes Virtual Reality to promote products in a variety of industries including action sports, nature and science, medical, consumer products, outdoors and recreation, as well as electronic and emerging technology.

Nature and Discovery

Through the use of Virtual Reality, we capture amazing events within nature that provide an immersive and unique perspective in 360 degrees of view. Our arsenal includes VR 360 equipped drones, underwater untis and remote ground units.

Film & Broadcast

Passage Productions is an award winning film and TV production company. Our portfolio includes a variety of projects from commercials, narratives to documentary films.

Motion Graphics & Editing

Our in-house capabilities include 3D animation and modeling, creative design, visual effects, editorial, motion graphics, animation, live event graphics and compositing.

Social Media

Likes and followers validate your brand. Online is where your brand can get creative, experiment, and make ripples around the globe. Let our team of creatives lead a legion of loyal followers to your brand.

Script Development

As artists we bring a unique set of skills to help you tell your story, and as out-of-the-box thinkers, we are able to explore perspectives that will help your brand grow and flourish through excellent storytelling.

Live Events

Arming your team with a media presentation that will leave a lasting impression is important. Our Live Events Media team will make the impact of your keynote presentation, industry event, concert or festival unforgettable.

Post Production

We have an award-winning post production team that is well equipped for any post production task such as editing, color grading and correction, sound design and 7.1 mixing, and are fully equipped with all the state of the art tools needed to finalize any project.


Senior Producer


Her foresight and ability to communicate are two talents that just come naturally to Christine. Over the past decade she has refined her project management and producing skills to an art. As our senior producer, she has successfully lead many successful projects and produced videos for some major brands such as HP, Sony, Pepsi, Jack-in-the-Box, and FOX sports.

Director / Producer


For over 20 years he has continued to provide professional high-end film, commercial, new-media, stereoscopic 3D and TV projects becoming a leader in new educational, marketing, and entertainment frontiers in Virtual Reality. Gulliver’s love for new media experiences drives him to push the art of storytelling new and exciting directions and ultimately takes joy using his craft to inspire others.

Creative / Producer


Bringing forth a dynamic combination of creativity and production expertise, Michael is a strong force in the industry. His extensive background in film production, combined with his true entrepreneurial spirit, helped him to launch Passage Productions with Gulliver Parascandolo in 2003. And through today, it’s these multiple facets that come together to create powerful strategies and innovative methods of storytelling.



With well over a decade of experience, we have developed a trusted streamline process that includes: script development, location scouting, casting, pre-visualization, design & development of assets, and everything else in-between.


Our arsenal of Ultra 4K cameras, aerial drones, steadycams, grip and lighting trucks coupled with our seasoned crew lets us creatives be creative. We can handle anything from a single person shoot to full feature length film production.


Our talented in-house team of editors, designers, motion graphics artists, 3D modelers and animators are equipped to handle any task from Cinematic VFX to the best in modern motion graphics and animation.



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